Advanced Training

For a dog to succeed at the Advanced training level the dog should have been through our basic training. If your dog has not been through our basic training we will want to evaluate your dogs ability to determine what level we need to begin it's advanced training. Advanced training can be a 4 to 6 month program depending on what level you want to bring your dog to.

  • Higher lever yard work and drill work.
  • Diversions and  steady for a walk up
  • Teaching more difficult marking concepts, up and over dikes, over points, through cover etc. on both land and water.
  • Marked Blinds, Pattern blinds and Cold blinds.

Advanced training can also be on going, as an owner you can choose to participate with your dog or have the trainer participate with your dog in HRC or AKC hunt tests. 

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Last update 08/16/2015

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