Basic Training

Our basic training is based on the same methods as our puppy training. We will build the program around each individual dog and use techniques to teach the dog what is necessary to obtain the following goals of training.

  • Obedience basics taught or refreshed as walking on leash, heel on and off lead, hear, off, down, leave it, sit and place.
  • eCollar conditioning to known obedience commands.
  • Force Fetch which includes line fetch, stick fetch and force to pile.
  • Solid single marks both land and water (when permitted) at varied distances with bumpers and birds.
  • Introduction to simple multiple marks.
  • Yard drills for the basic blind retrieve.

Keep in mind that basic training is usually 2 to 4 months depending on your individual dog. After completion of basic training you should be able to take your dog to the duck blind to retrieve ducks successfully. If you choose you and your dog as a team should be able to pass a basic HRC started test or AKC Junior test.

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