Natural Ability Training

Natural ability training is based on the dogs natural prey drive, retrieving desire, tracking ability, desire to flush a bird and mark the shot bird. Basic obedience is necessary for natural ability to obtain full potential.

  • Introduction to the field which includes different training areas
  • Introduction to birds, pigeons to bring out prey drive and other birds as pheasants, ducks etc..
  • Proper introduction to the gun.
  • Introduction to the eCollar.
  • Teaching the dog the scent for the flush and marking of the bird.
  • Basic obedience hear/come (voice or whistle).

Since this is natural ability we rely solely on the dogs desire to return to handler/trainer. This will be a 1 to 2 month program depending on each individual dog.

Hay Devils A LanCin's Ticker "Tick" 7 week old Pudelpointer

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Last update 08/16/2015

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