Puppy Training

Our puppy training is designed for puppies 7/8 weeks to 6 months of age. It is important to teach puppies how to learn during this stage of there lives. Young puppies are like sponges at this age as they "soak up"  everything they learn and are eager to learn more as we teach them to learn. It is very important to expose the puppy properly to all aspects of being a hunting dog. We will evaluate each individual puppy for prey drive and retrieving desire to build the proper program for your puppy.

View videos below of puppy work.

Puppy training basics

  • Socialization to other dogs, places and people.
  • Confidence building exercises
  • Obedience basics, how to walk on leash, heel, hear, off, down, leave it, sit, and place.
  • Puppies will be introduced to bumpers, birds, bird boys, bird boxes, water when weather permits.

It is important to understand that your puppy will not be steady as we encourage these young dogs to have a desire to chase and retrieve the birds prior to steadiness.

Puppy's in training

Maize 5 month old yellow male owned by Karl Kruetzmann Family

Lacey in Puppy Training

5 Month old Black Female owned by Jason Gilbertson

Hay Devils A LanCin's Ticker "Tick" 7 week old Pudelpointer

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